I was at a luncheon the other day where the “ying and yang” of political punditry, Mary Matalin and James Carvelle, were in agreement about the selection of candidates for the 2008 presidential race. They basically said it was going to be a popularity contest and the front runners today will be the nominees tomorrow. Their matching short lists had McCain and Giuliani as the choices for Republicans, and Hillary and Barak Obama for the Democrat choices.

Their reasoning sounded like a pitch for an American Idol show for wanna-be presidents. Who polls best, looks best, is known by more people, greater name ID, can rally their base and appeal to moderates at the same time. Ideology and position on issues were not considered as being relevant to the choice, and they were all described as appealing to “middle America,” whatever that is. What they were describing was the kind of race you saw in high school where the popular jock beat the egghead even though the egghead would be a far superior class president and could articulate his views on a variety of issues, but couldn’t get two people to vote for him because he wasn’t “popular.”

So by these standards, the two most “popular” candidates, who should run in 2008, would be Rush Limbaugh for the Republicans and Oprah Winfrey for the Democrats. They both are pure ideologues, but have an appeal to certain segments of “middle America.” They both are household names with their negatives and positives set in concrete. They wouldn’t need to raise the billions of dollars it takes to run a campaign because they each already have a built in, daily, platform from which to espouse their political views, gain even greater exposure, motivate their base and move to convince the undecided that they are the best choice for America, yes, even middle America.

They have both proven that they can successfully administer, control, direct and lead multi-million dollar operations with the same skill and intellect it would take to lead a nation. They talk daily on a variety of issues, have instant access to just about anyone and anything, and are not in the habit of taking “no” for an answer. They know what they want, they pursue it, and by all accounts, achieve their very lofty and admirable goals.

What has John McCain, Hillary Clinton, Barak Obama, and even Rudy Giuliani done? They have all been government employees and three are members of the same club of 100. Hillary earned her box of senate-shaped candy from a fadiliating spouse who knew that it would take more than roses to put the smile back on the little woman’s face.

And that giant chocking sound you hear across the nation is conservatives gagging on the idea of McCain as their nominee while it is being crammed down their throats by an all-too-gleeful chorus of moderates, liberals, and Machiavellian democrats.

Barak has served two years in that club of 100 and is naïve enough to think that if John Edwards can do it . . . then so can he. And Rudy hasn’t even begun to earn the right to run as president. When he refused to run against Hillary in his own state, it sent a huge message to the Republicans in other states that if he doesn’t even think he can beat a carpetbagging light-weight who only has the job because she married into it, then why do we think he can beat her nationally? How does he think being a mayor of a city that thinks Hillary should be president, qualifies him for even having a clue as to what the rest of the country believes?

None of them have shown exemplary skill or the ability to govern. None of them are particularly attractive and articulate, except maybe Barak. But Serial killer, Ted Bundy was attractive, intelligent and incredibly articulate according to the judge who presided over his murder trial. By the “Barak standard”, he would have been a perfect presidential candidate. But when you unravel Barak’s words, tie them to his voting record and line up the rhetoric, you see that he is just another politician who craves power and will do anything to get it . . . except serve a full term in the Senate. He will even dutifully go into West Virginia and raise money for an ex-KKK leader if that is what it takes to be president.

It was a little ironic to hear James Carvelle insist that only a known quantity, like these four, will get elected when he is responsible for an unknown Governor in the 50th ranked state on a variety of levels, throwing his hat in the ring against an incumbent president with a 92% approval rating . . . and winning. Bill Clinton won in spite of Gennifer Flowers, loathing the military and dodging the draft. Oddly . . . just a few years later, suddenly service in the military is of utmost importance in getting elected and should be a requirement of any serious candidate. Will they readjust that assessment and give Hillary a pass because she is a girl? What about Barak and Giuliani?

Americans deserve more choices than the field of hand-picked moderate/liberals that have been determined to be the only ones that can possibly be elected President of the United States. There are tens of thousands of Americans who would be better in that position but would never consider facing the abuse they know would wait them if they attempted such a dangerous fete. And there are many others who are far more qualified, who are exploring a run but are being discounted as unelectable because well-paid and positioned pundits have said so.

But conservatives especially, have the uncanny ability of upsetting political apple carts because they are constantly misunderestimated. (love that word). The RNC thought they would hold their noses and vote for Viagra Bob. But all the polling showed that while they didn’t pull the lever for him on election day, they did support the other Republican candidates running for the house and senate. They saw it this year with huge numbers, for example, in Virginia, supporting the bill that identifies marriage as between one man and one woman, but rejecting George Allen, who stupidly distanced himself from the issue.

I have said for years that every election cycle is a new experience for conservatives and candidates have to court and win every single vote. Conservatives are not lock step, they don’t vote straight party line and they not only look at issues but at candidates individually. Liberals are just the opposite. It is all about the party and the power for them. If Rush Limbaugh switched parties tomorrow, and they thought he could win the presidency, he would be the darling of the left and Hillary would be yesterday’s news. But if Hillary moves to the right to give Rush a run for his money, while still running as a Democrat, they will sing her open-minded praises and know in their hearts it is just an act to dupe . . . “middle America.”

So let’s quit fooling around, quit getting jerked around, quit hiding behind “middle America”, call their bi-annual bluff, and nominate two people who best represent the views of the two major camps in America . . .the left and the right. It would be a close, fun race and what you see, is what you would most definitely get with either Rush or Oprah. Think of the money we could save and the painful campaign commercials that we would not be forced to sit through, night after night, month after month.

If it is a popularity contest the pundits want . . . bring it on!!

I realized at a non-political fundraiser the other night that Republicans were going to win this election. In a conversation with a total stranger about nothing political, he volunteered his vitriolic, irrational hatred of all things Republican making me glad I wasn’t wearing the yellow star of Lincoln. I understood the desire of many Jews in Nazi Germany to hide their identity, feign Aryanism, avoid association with a group of people that had been so vilified by the powers and media, that to be one in that unfortunate class, meant almost certain death.

American blacks who have experienced the same thing, were not so fortunate during the dark days of racial oppression and segregation. They couldn’t hide, from the elitist Democrat, the color of their skin, which for these racists, signified second-class status.

My immediate, and uncharacteristic reaction to this ad homonym attack by a total stranger, who was certainly assuming that I shared his demented passion, was to hide my identify behind a superficial, but convenient response, “I’m an independent.” I decided to shoulder my rifle and quietly ignore his pathological insistence that all Republicans should be destroyed, because no amount of discussion would persuade him that inspite of a nice tuxedo, he was an uninformed knuckle dragger.

Republicans, conservatives, and even our president are so vilified by the left, all over the world, that a foreign leader, can come to our shores, call him “satan” with a sulphur trail in his wake, and the mainstream media, smile approvingly. Conservative blacks that have achieved the highest levels of accomplishment in the world can be characterized as Aunt Jeminas, Uncle Toms, Oreos, sellouts, white-wanna-bes, and the liberal elites smile and say, “It’s a free country. People are entitled to their opinion.”

The victims of terrorism on Sept. 11, 2001 are referred to by tenured college professors as “Little Eichmans”, Anne Coulter, Pat Buchanan, George Allen, are hit with pies, battered with insults and silenced with shouts from mindless minions of the liberal institutes of lower learning, and fellow liberals shrug and say, “Heh, they had it coming.” But heaven forbid that you deny a terrorist his prayer rug and Ramadan menu. The left has compassion for Saddam and fellow terrorists, but produce movies that glorify the assassination of a sitting U.S. president who is Republican.

Don’t you see . . . .because conservatives and Republicans, are so intimidated into hiding their passions and beliefs from people who imagine a world free from them . . . like segregationists of old . . . the assumption is that they don’t exist, and are shrinking in numbers. But the reality is that they are underground, staying in the closet, hiding their yellow star from the forces that would single them out, insult them and destroy them if possible. Yes . . . assassination means to kill. This is why Republicans will prevail. Because those being pushed against a wall, silenced with pejoratives and made to feel like second class citizens for merely wanting a strong defense, win the war on terrorism, keep more of their hard earned money, and decide where and how their kids are educated, will fight back in the voting booth.

The other reason Republicans will prevail is that when Christian, David Kuo, suggested in his book that Christians should fast from politics, the left practically chocked on saliva, falling all over themselves to piously agree with that assessment. He made the talk show rounds and was treated like leftist royalty because he fulfilled their agenda of keeping Christians from the polls on Election Day. Unfortunately, their little plan backfired and it reignited the religious base who felt themselves being lulled into a state of non-action because according to people who don’t even believe in God . . . . “That is what Jesus would do.”

Another reason the Republicans will prevail is that thousands of blacks are leaving the democrat party, and the liberal plantation, and embracing their core values, which have been totally ignored by the Democrats. But Democrats still use the black churches to bring their candidates in just before an election to try and secure their base. But where are they the rest of the 20 months when the pastors stand in unity against gay marriage, or abortion that is creating genocide on black America? Where are they when black communities raise their voices against illegal immigration because it is draining systems that their constituents rely on? Where are they when black leaders explain time and time again that school vouchers were designed to help young black kids escape poverty and despair? They are told to be quiet and move to the back of the political bus.

The blinders are coming off and black leaders are expressing their frustration, impatience, and in some cases, outrage at the patronizing, elitist Democrats, and will be escaping the plantation on Election Day.

In the quiet, hushed corners of middle America, while no one is listening, conversations are taking place that remind each other that tax cuts will be repealed if Democrats take over. The low interest rates that allowed record numbers of Americans to buy homes will increase, causing many to have to sell or be foreclosed on. The borders will remain porous opening America for greater attack. The House will spend two years trying to cover their butts and equalize Bill Clinton’s legacy by dragging Bush into an unwarranted impeachment proceeding. And the war on terror, that is being fought abroad, leaving us without a single attack for over 5 years, will be waged on our soil because Democrats have shown time and time again their denial that a war exists, and their lack of resolve to fight it. They will continue Clinton’s plan of cutting the military and defense budget, they will refuse to fund border security bills, and will allow special interest groups like the tiny, but powerful misogynist gay lobby to determine how we raise our kids, and what preachers can say from the pulpit while continuing to mock the institution of marriage.

Republicans will prevail for precisely the reason it looks like they won’t . . . they will keep their powder dry, go to the polls, pull a lever behind closed doors and hopefully prevent a philosophical takeover of the country that forces people to be so afraid of losing their liberties, that they flock to the polls to ensure that doesn’t happen. If the attacks are merely verbal or wrapped in pastry at this point . . . you can be sure their deepest desire of “destroying” all things conservative or Republican will begin taking place the minute they are given the reigns of power.

Another reason the Republicans will win is that it is the Republicans who are polling negatively toward their own party. But like a brother who stole your girlfriend and broke your heart . . . he is still your brother who is being attacked by the local bully. You let him get beat up for a while, because, he deserves it. He let you down by moderating on issues that needed a line in the sand, and cheated on his conservative base by trying to appeal to the opposition in order to win their approval. But Republicans realize that after the bully finishes beating up their brother, he is coming for them, and unless they regroup as a family, they will a be picked off, one by one.

This election cycle has served as a wake up call to conservatives to stop hiding, stop pretending to be moderate, because they realize they are going to be vilified anyway unless they embrace the far left radical agenda of the Howard Deans of the country. There is no way to win this battle unless we have the courage to face our opposition head on, and not shrink in fear. But it will take more courage to be vulnerable, than it takes to be a bully . . .. so in the end . . .the strong will prevail, and those out of power will still benefit from a secure nation, reduced taxes, safe neighborhoods and environments, even if their names aren’t decorating the halls of power.


My son’s Boy Scout troop is going to be so happy to hear that finally, Democrats agree that there is something very wrong with grown, homosexual men, like Congressman Mark Foley, having access to young, innocent, impressionable kids. We were all beginning to think they had totally abrogated their role in upholding moral values. We are all anxious to attend the press conference where Nancy Pelosi and Rudy Giuliani, join hands to denounce NAMBLA (National Man Boy Love Association) as an illegal organization that serves only the purpose of Foley-type men, preying on young boys for their sexual pleasure.

And wow . . . the dream of kids being able to go to the library and have filtered internet access without freenies downloading child porn in the booth next to them will finally be a reality, thanks to the moral leadership of the Democrats.

And finally, the nation can unite behind the idea that adults who prey on children should be shamed, their reputations ruined, and they should be prosecuted, and locked up for life. It is very fortunate that all of this came out just before an election; otherwise it would have gone totally unnoticed. There would have been no political currency passing through the hands of people who have the pursuit of power at any cost, as their soul agenda.

It is exciting to see that all those moral values that have been a part of the Republican platform for years are applied to their own, and are embraced by people who back slid a little during the Clinton years, but heh, they are finally in touch with reality.

Now, if these same moral giants, who are stepping up so boldly to rightly denounce Cong. Foley, and zealously clamor for Dennis Hastert’s resignation for leadership, would apply these same standards to say . . . abortion, that would be great. After all, kids are dying here, not just being propositioned by perverts.

They can then really prove they are serious about the moral breakdown of the country, by admitting that marriage is intended for one man and one woman, and medically, the gay lifestyle shortens life and endangers those involved. It will be refreshing to finally have an honest discussion about what really causes AIDS and how it can be prevented. We should expect this outraged Democratic leadership to condemn the sexualization of young children on porn sites that are making billions by exploiting their innocence. They will finally be the moral voice against sex trafficking that exploits women and children.

But what is most fortunate about this incident of discovering a Republican congressman using the Internet to attract young boys, is that he wasn’t a Democrat. Because then, we would be forced to sit and listen to the twisted logic and values clarification techniques we had to endure during Clinton’s tryst with a young girl who was in his charge. We would be told that what someone does in private is his own business. We would be reminded that Republicans are the ones who want to have access to people’s e-mail to see if there are terrorists but use it to out the perverts. We would be assaulted by the homosexual lobby that would whine about their oppressed state and how Martin Luther King marched so that they could mock the institution of marriage.

Oh thank you thank you thank you Mark Foley for being a Republican, for forcing the Democrats into a very uncomfortable Hobson’s choice of winning an election or losing face over issues they have built their entire existence on. Now . . . if only they could get Senator Ted Kennedy to finally apologize for drowning a young girl and leaving her there all night . . . I think there might be moral redemption for the Democrats in the near future. And that is something all Americans can support. . . no matter what party they belong to.

It would take paragraphs to dissect the psychological and pathological disconnect that Bill Clinton exhibited in his amazing retreat from reality in the “interview” with Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday. Chris should be thankful that we don’t live in a dictatorship with Bill at the helm. The cleanup crew would be just now getting the stains off the wall.

But, in spite of the incredible ego, the disconnect with anyone who doesn’t have their head three feet up his butt, and his suicidal desire to create a legacy where eternal sound bites have set up irrevocable monuments that prevent it . . . Bill Clinton has created a deflector shield for his party.

Think about it . . . you have George Allen in Virginia, being accused of being a racist because he challenges an interloper at a campaign event, but in the state, right next to his, a former and unrepentant member of the KKK is running for the exact same office . . . US Senate. Robert Byrd, from West Virginia, is on the record as calling blacks “a throw back to the darkest specimens of the wild,” while supporting the act of lynching at KKK rallies, yet because George Allen wears cowboy boots and chews tobacco . . . he is a racist?

Why do you think Democrats continue to return a man to the Senate who throws around the “n” word like a horseshoe at a KKK BBQ, while dredging up accusations, three decades old, about his fellow Senator? Because they are all Democrats who have convinced the world that they are the “champions” of civil rights for blacks and can say and do anything that a Republican would get lynched for. That is why former KKK members can still flash the “n” word around with impunity and without fear of retribution. They can even send their new black senator in to shamelessly do their bidding by raising $800,000 for this former member of a despicable group. Who is on the plantation now? But have them switch parties and honor a 100-year-old colleague with historic pleasantries, and all hell breaks lose, because there are double standards for Democrats and Republicans where race is involved.

What we are experiencing in the micro with Bill Clinton, and the macro with benign racism as an accepted, yet ignored reality in the Democratic party, is a disconnect or cognitive dissidence. Bill Clinton changes history the minute it is made, from suggesting ice to a rape victim, to denying he had sex with “that” woman. And the party that so loyally protects his rear end, to the detriment of their own extremities, has revised history to the point of convincing the party that was founded to abolish slavery, that they are the true oppressors.

They are similar to the abusive boyfriend who beats up the woman and tells her it is her fault for making him lose his temper. He has her so traumatized and beaten down that she doesn’t even know who she is anymore and believes his lies, takes his abuse and rejects the reality of what she knows in her heart is true. Clinton will continue to react with the type of vitriol and anger he showed with Chris Wallace because he believes he is entitled, superior, flawless and destined to be the ruler of all. He is very much like the slave owners who saw blacks as their chattel and had a whip at the ready if a condescending interviewer dared to question his lack of integrity and selective memory.

Bill Clinton is Robert Byrd, who is the heart of the Democratic Party, which has always been about superiority, elitism and arrogance. They are the party that split the country to keep blacks enslaved while 500,000 people gave their lives to unite the country again. They continue to split the nation with lies, distortions, character assassinations and personal attacks against good men and women who are just doing their jobs, so the rest of us can learn the truth and live in peace and freedom.

When Bill hissed at Chris Wallace, he hissed at the vast majority of Americans who may not embrace the moniker “conservative” but instinctively knew he was talking about them when he railed against their existence, very much like Robert Byrd and the KKK railed against the existence of blacks. It is all hate based and it is all such old news.

I do pity Bill . . . and Bob . . . and the Democrats because their desire to revise history and their image has caused a most unusual collision of historic similarities that makes even the most average person repulsed at the idea of going back to a time when a segment of our society was referred to with such derision and hate. Thank goodness there are no firing walls, shackles or nooses in our society today. Sadly, though, there are men who would love to reinstate them, and are proposing a virtual lynching of Senator George Allen’s character while denying that Robert Byrd and Bill Clinton are culpable of any wrong doing. It is double standards like this that continue to tear a nation apart.

See the truth about the role that both political parties played in the history of the civil rights movement in America in the award-winning documentary, Emancipation Revelation Revolution, to be released Feb. 2007. Currently it is in screenings across the country and changing the way people look at politics. Go to www.ERRVideo.com to see the trailer.

To put some perspective on the sudden concern for the terrorists who have been incarcerated to prevent them from blowing themselves up and taking other lives, I suggest our three-blind-mice Republican Senators meet Aminatou Haidar. She is a Saharawi who made the unfortunate mistake of assuming that the United Nations really cares about upholding its charter and protecting the rights of the oppressed, the abused, the invaded and occupied territories as they now conveniently claim they do, by opposing the US presence in Iraq.

For almost a quarter of a century, Western Sahara has been fighting for its independence against Morocco, its northern neighbor, that invaded the minute Spain decolonized and pulled up stakes. They claimed that Western Sahara was always a part of Morocco, even though they miraculously escaped colonization by Spain in the late 1800s and oddly, did not oppose the Spanish occupation for over 75 years. Only suddenly, did it dawn on them, the minute the Spanish occupation ended that, oh my gosh, this phosphorous rich land with a huge coastline on the western side of Africa, is really part of Morocco. They have been in Western Sahara ever since . . . splitting the country with a mine-laden burm that imprisons half the inhabitants, all under the “watchful” and acquiesant eye of the United Nations.

So 27 years later, a young Muslim woman, named Aminatou Haidar, joins a peaceful demonstration to oppose this ongoing occupation and hostility by Morocco and their willing accomplice, the United Nations. She, and 72 others are arrested, beaten and thrown into prison without a trial while the UN forces, stood idly by, pretending to see nothing. She was placed in solitary confinement, blindfolded, beaten and tortured daily, and denied even the right to bathe. . . for almost four years.

Where is the outrage by Senators Warner, McCain & Graham, who are spilling blood from their bleeding hearts over terrorists who have as their determined purpose and mission to murder anyone not like them . . .even three US Senators who are living in a clueless vacuum. It is interesting that they can spend so much time equating terrorists without a country or uniform with our brave men and women who are covered by the Geneva Convention, yet they won’t apply the aspect of the rules of engagement to the length of time a POW will be incarcerated. That time is to last until the conflict has ended. So, which parts of the rules of engagement and capture in the “Geneva Convention” do these rocket scientists want to apply and which ones don’t they? For them it is about “doing the right thing.”

Well then . . .. I suggest they have their work cut out for themselves. There are 20 million innocent women and children who are being bought and sold on a regular basis in the very lucrative human trafficking “business.” They are kept in inhumane conditions, they don’t have ACLU trial attorneys flying around the world to take their cases, ensure their rights are upheld and their conditions are comfortable. Why aren’t these three Republican Senators, and the dozens of Democratic Senators standing up for these victims of slavery, with the same righteous indignation they stand up for committed suicide murderers?

In the case of Aminatou, the US position is that Morocco is an ally and we can’t possibly do anything to alienate or upset them. Iraq used to be an ally too, and we have troops on the ground there because our national security was threatened. So that is the standard for invading and occupying a country? No, not necessarily. Remember Serbia, Kosovo, Albania, etc? They were of no threat or consequence to the United States directly, yet we invaded those countries under the pretense of stopping genocide and oppression.

So what are the reasons that the US government will stand up for, or get involved in the pain and suffering of innocent people . . . emphasis on the word “innocent.”

We obviously have turned a blind eye to the human trafficking issue, for whatever reason. Western Sahara has been languishing under UN and Moroccan occupation for over 25 years and the citizens still can’t even get passports to leave their invaded country and see their loved ones in the refugee camps in southern Algeria. The wars and genocide continue to wage in the Sudan, Somalia, Sierra Leone, et al, around the world, and all our US Senators can focus on is the comfort, care and feeding of the detainees who, if released, would kill each one of them in a heart beat. That is their mission . . . that is their reason for being . . . that is what they were raised to live and die for.

Because Aminatou and the millions of other prisoners desire freedom for themselves and their families, and an opportunity to just live in peace . . . they languish in a benign world of irrelevance because their cause of freedom and justice has no value in the political market place, and to help them requires rare currency that is reserved for the larger, more visible causes . . . like the care and feeding of terrorists.

The concern for many is that if we continue to detain people who want to kill us and our neighbors, that the world is going to hate us. The world doesn’t need a reason. France doesn’t need a reason, Barbara Streisand, the Dixie Chicks, Sean Penn, Michael Moore, et al., don’t need a reason. They hate America and everything we stand for and not because of Iraq, or Guantanamo, or the easy, obvious reasons. They, like the terrorists, hate this country because we debate issues of right and wrong and acknowledge that there are absolutes based on God’s divine design for man. They, like the terrorists, wish this country was a reflection of their vacuum of values and hate anything that suggests there are acts that reflect evil, and if continued unchecked would usher in the annihilation of the human race. While defending the rights of terrorists and world dictators, turning their back on the unborn and those bought and sold on the black market, they have made a moral determination that some life is more valuable and sacred than others, and should therefore be saved, protected and preserved at the expense of all other life.

As Aminatou, a Muslim woman, sat blindfolded, for four years, in a Muslim country, I am sure she must have pondered how her desire for freedom resulted in this type of punishment, when all she wanted for herself and her family was the right to self-determination and liberty. Many ask why there are no moderate Muslims speaking out against the atrocities of a handful of Islam fascists . . . it is because they are imprisoned when they do. These are the people our Senators should be focusing their efforts on, finding justice for, and allowing their causes to receive the power of the forum, in the marketplace of ideas. That would be a noble cause indeed.

So New York City Mayor Bloomberg has declared, before a Senate panel, that his city is totally helpless and dependent upon illegal aliens to keep their economy going. Wow . . . and I thought Wall Street had power. So, we should now invest in illegal aliens and not US companies, because they are the engine that keeps our economy going?

Just what are these incredibly vital jobs that keep the life line of America tethered to growth, prosperity, and, well, existence? I guess it depends on who you are and what your needs are. It seems that liberals can’t live without their nannies, housekeepers, gardeners and people to clean up after their oh so very important and elitist lives.

But conservatives seem to be able to limp along without someone raising their children, cleaning their toilets or pulling their weeds. They have developed the most amazing ways to survive sans aliens by deciding to trade life-consuming careers for stay-at-home jobs and even home schooling opportunities that not only save thousands of dollars in nannies and tuition, but they even have the added benefit of bonding with their kids. How incredibly revolutionary is that? And trust me, when you home school, you incorporate into your child’s education the notion that one cleans up after themself and doesn’t rely upon a foreigner who has crossed the border illegally to do it. How quaint.

And most people in America, classified as middle class, have on average 2 toilets per house, meaning three minutes times 52, or once a week (for the conscientious homemaker), is almost three hours a year of personal toilet hygiene. Wow, I can see the point Bloomberg is making . . . the economic sky really is falling.

Let’s unravel this though. Since the vast majority of Americans don’t have nannies, maids or gardeners . . . what aspect of the economy is going to come to a screeching halt? Well, maybe it is construction? Maybe it’s restaurants, food handling and hotels. So . . . what? We can’t live without the addition on the house? We don’t know how to prepare meals at home? We have never heard of camping out with the family for vacation? What is it exactly that mulit-millionnaire, elitist, Michael Bloomberg thinks that Americans can’t live without, and if they did would lead to its total and complete economic collapse?

For someone who was “smart” enough to make the millions in the US economy, he really doesn’t understand how it works. For every single illegal alien, who, the minute they step foot in the country, now qualifies for public education, health care, social security, public housing, food stamps, etc. etc. etc. there are hard working citizens who pay into that system with their tax dollars that reward illegal behavior and prop up a system that is bankrupt economically and morally. Lower the taxes for hardworking Americans instead of making them pay for the benefits of law-breakers. Another quaint concept.

Bloomberg is saying that people, who can’t even speak our language, are the lynch pin of our very existence. So . . .why should our kids go to school? Why go to college? Why even speak English? If they can have that much power and authority in the destiny of our economy . . . then we should encourage our kids to be drop-outs and become virtual slaves. Ohhhhh . . .so that is what it is all about. Been there, done that, got all the dead people to prove it.

We abolished slavery in 1808 . . . . well, at least the importation of slaves. It took another 46 years before a handful of people were so disgusted with the idea that one class of people couldn’t exist without the slave labor of another group of people, that they formed a new party (the Republicans) to fight that oppression. That challenged the entire economic structure of America and caused a war that divided the nation for 5 years, ending in the assassination of the first Republican president . . . Abraham Lincoln.

After Lincoln’s death, and the installation of Andrew Johnson as president, his party’s opposition to every civil rights bill, including the 13th, 14th, and 15th, Amendments were unanimously defeated by the Republicans.

They succeeded though, a few years later in instituting Jim Crow laws which were direct violations of the 15th Amendment and kept blacks in a disenfranchised position for 100 years until the Civil Rights Act was passed in 1964, by a Republican Congress.

So, it is amazing to me that a Republican Mayor is now supporting the idea of importing “free” labor, to keep the US economy alive. It was the exact same argument that the slaveholders used and a bloody war was fought, where hundreds of thousands of innocent people died to bring closure to a horrible, tragic time in our country. It was a time when convenience and personal comfort were more important than human dignity. It was a time when the idea of self-sacrifice and humility were replaced by an elitist attitude of privilege and pleasure. It was a time that is being repeated today.

The Bloomberg’s of the world are creating a new victim class of individuals to serve, at slave wages, another class in society that feel they deserve to be treated with a higher degree of pamper and polish. This mentality split the nation before and it will split the nation again. And it will not be a division between those who have money and those who don’t. It will be between those who respect the law, honor the dignity of man, rely on their own ability and skills to accomplish their own goals in life and those who are alien to those concepts.

Of all the reasons that are being discussed about illegal immigration, the 600 lb guerilla in the room that everyone is aware of but ignoring, is probably the main reason this issue has become so political. It is the reason the Republicans are looking like spineless weenies, and Democrats are falling all over themselves to court lawbreakers. There is only one thing that would cause politicians to well, act like politicians, and that is the vote.

You can just hear them all licking their chops at the potential of getting millions of brand new voters, all registering for their respective parties, ensuring election victories for the next 30 years. The Democrats aren’t waiting for amnesty though. They have already set up voter registration tables in California at the illegal immigrant rallies and have proven that the vote is the only reason they “care” about these “poor, helpless people.” If the Republicans were smart, they would jump on this law flaunting bandwagon and pitch the virtue of their party, and try and get as many new votes as they can before November.

But what if voting wasn’t an issue? What if not one of these illegal aliens could ever vote here in the United States, no matter what their legal status becomes? After all, according to the Democrats it is about them filling jobs that lazy Americans refuse to do. According to the Republicans it is about giving people new opportunities for economic and political freedom. But since they both tip toe around d the voting issue, claiming that is what the other party is hoping to cash in on . . . let’s take it off the table and save both sides the trouble of exposing their true agendas.

Polls have shown that what the majority of people want is a level playing field and consistent laws that apply to everyone. They see people who have gone the legal route to immigration, filed for visas, received worker’s permits or permanent resident status and even applied for and received citizenship. This has taken years for most, and cost thousands of dollars to achieve, and every American applauds this approach to joining our nation of immigrants. Then they see people, who the minute they step through that hole in the fence, have broken a law, yet want to move to the front of the line, basically thumbing their noses at our la ws, and those who abided by them.

The solution to accommodate those who have compassion for the lives these illegals leave behind, and those who want to close the borders and send these people back for a variety of reasons, can be obtained through either statute or amendment. The suggested wording would be:

“Any person who enters the United States of America illegally, without visa authority, or overstays their visa authority, shall be permanently disqualified to obtain the right to vote, even if citizenship or amnesty is subsequently obtained. After a period of 15 years of legal residence, the right to vote may be awarded upon indiv idual petition demonstrating compelling and extraordinary circumstances.”

By taking voting off the table, it allows us to depoliticize the issue and discuss it rationally, with the best interests of our national security as the primary goal. It tells felons w ho have served time in jail, as US citizens, and have lost their right to vote, that bad behavior is not going to be tolerated from citizens, and certainly not from foreigners who come to our shores by illegal means. It tells black Americans that the suffering of their ancestors cannot be equated to illegal actions, and just as slaves didn’t receive the right to vote when they were recognized as citizens, then law breakers should not get that benefit either.

There are those who might say we want to create a disenfranchised class. No . . . they created that status for themselves the minute they stepped foot on US soil illegally. No one is saying they can’t leave and come through the front door, apply the way millions of others have and eventually get full citizenship. It is just if they choose to stay here on an amnesty program, work program, or any var iety of other suggestions the politicians are wrangling with . . . they can never have the right to vote.

The only way around it would be if they satisfied the one condition at the end of the amendment which says that after 15 years of legal residence, they have the right to petition the government based on compelling and extraordinary circumstances.” This allows those who are forced to come here for political reasons or have been forced to flee oppressive situations, to plead their case for full citizenship. It can’t just be fore economic hardship.

The other issue that makes this unfair for the rest of the world who would love the opportunity to come to America to seek economic freedom is that just by the nature of geography, they are penalized for not coming from a country that borders America. The only way that non-Mexicans can come into the US is legally and through the system, because they would be thrown in jail, or worse if they breached Mexico’s borders.

Why should one country, that borders the US., and prohibits the illegal breaching of their own border by people trying to get to ours, have a free bite at the apple? These non-bordering aliens have no choice but come through the front door of immigration. Mexico and Canada, virtually control OUR borders as the gatekeepers, and determine who comes and goes through them.

With voting off the table, the politicians will be forced to actually think about what is best for America, not themselves. They will be forced to look at the security threats to the country and realize with every illegal coming over our borders, they have the potential to bring in weapons, drugs, and even deadly viruses that could spread without notice. If the politicians refuse to depoliticize this issue . . . maybe we need to depoliticize them and send them packing in November.

The other day as I finished scrubbing the sixth toilet in our house, an amazing realization hit me. I was actually able to perform this very mundane task without a Mexican or illegal alien in sight. I pondered that thought as I went outside to join three blonde haired, blued eyed Americans and two Koreans to mulch, weed, plant, dig and generally get dirty and sweaty. Again, not a Mexican or illegal alien in sight. The next day as I watched two black workers precariously perched thirty feet high on the dead limb of a black walnut tree, trimming it up, I marveled at how we, just a helpless caucasian woman and two black men, could function without an illegal alien by our side.

After this revelation, as I drove into our farm I noticed four strong blonde haired blue eyed men up to their elbows in cement, mud, back-hoes and other farm equipment. As I pulled on my overalls to help pull cement, I kept looking around for the Mexicans to come do this dirty work for us that liberals tell us Americans refuse to do themselves.

I don’t know many Americans who are not capable of cooking their own meals, washing their own clothes, scrubbing their own floors and toilets, driving their own kids to school, or doing their own yard work. The ones that can’t, are politely called “physically challenged”, since handicapped has been determined to be moniker of disrespect. So which Americans are the liberals referring to that are not used to this type of hard work and do it routinely without assistance from a single illegal alien? That must be the “other” America that John Edwards was always talking about in the last election.

What we are learning from the Hillarys, Kennedys, John McCains, and Howard Deans of the world is that THEY are not used to scrubbing their own toilets, pulling their own weeds, and farming their own land. They really think that all Americans are as privileged as John Kerry and have a butler to attend his every need, 24/7, dispensing Tic Tacs, bottled water and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches like a dutiful servant. They only see blacks and hispanics as their step-n-fetch-its and want to maintain that servant class to keep themselves in the life style which they have become accustomed, but the rest of the world could only dream of.

The vast majority of Americans are not that fortunate. And in-spite of the hope by the left, that America will come to a grinding halt on Monday, May 1, when all illegal aliens refuse to work to show our total and ultimate dependency on them for our very existence, if you cock your ear, I bet you will still hear the sound of plungers plunging and lawn mowers purring. How incredibly insulting to every single working American to suggest that we are so lazy that we can’t take care of ourselves, would starve if the local restaurants closed for such a boycott, and if Pedro and Paco weren’t standing on the corner, waiting to be picked up for some odd job.

I have an idea for the immigration service that claims they can’t possible round up all the illegal aliens who are here working illegally, taking jobs that, yes, Americans would gladly take if given the chance and even the training. Go to the next rally with illegal aliens flaunting their crime, ask Hillary or Ted if you can borrow their microphone and make a quick announcement that they are all under arrest and will be deported after Hillary and the other liberal enablers finish their panderfest. How hard can that be?

What message is our elected officials, the law makers who empower the law breakers, sending to our kids? They are taught to skip school to attend rallies for people who have blatantly broken the law and now demand full citizenship. They see US Senators honoring this type of illegal behavior and congressmen slug cops on Capitol Hill. They see child molesters get a slap on the wrist and private business given a pass by the Supreme Court to come in and take your property through eminent domain because it increases the tax base. There are basically two sets of laws in this country and our kids are learning fast that many are irrelevant and don’t need to be obeyed.

Our elected officials, by being complicit with illegal behavior, are nurturing the very dangerous weed of anarchy in our country. The two classes are those with power and those without. There are the elite Cynthia McKinnys of the world who refuse to play by the rules and punch cops when they are called on it, while he is blamed for their actions. There are the public school children who are given extra credit for cutting school and attending rallies that promote illegal behavior and given kudos for defacing the American flag and paying homage to the flag of another country, while kids that just want to pray quietly are vilified as dangerous and extreme.

If this really is the new America that the left is trying to design, then I say we should all play. Isn’t that what anarchy is all about . . .we each live by our own set of rules and guidelines? So those who decide they don’t want to pay taxes, stop at red lights, follow the speed limit, send their kids to school, should be honored for their reinterpretation of the law as our law makers are. They should not fear retribution, deportation, fining, incarceration . . . it should be celebrated as a new civil right to do what you want, when you want to.

If the borders are not going to be protected, if the government is not going to live up to its main mandate, which is to protect us at home and abroad, then it will be up to each one of us to protect ourselves. Since the second Amendment is very clear that every single American has the right to keep and bear arms then perhaps we need to get back to basics and do for ourselves what our government and elected officials . . . including the president, are refusing to do. That is what anarchy breeds. Is that what they really want? Because to do nothing in the wake of blatant law breaking by people who could care less about border protocols, and lawmakers who empower them as we are battling a force that would destroy us if they could, they really are leaving Americans no choice but to take up arms and defend themselves against potential terror that is coming over the border daily.

Americans only have themselves to blame if they continue to allow their elected officials to ignore the law and pander to an illegal group of people they are desperate to have vote for them in the next election. As I have said before. . . . take voting off the table . . .no illegal alien should EVER get the right to vote, even if given amnesty and permanent residency status. With that off the table, the left would sulk away and find another victim class to promote and manipulate.

Voters need to look at two issues in November and vote accordingly . . . regardless of political party. They need to look at border security and illegal immigration. All other issues are moot if these aren’t nipped in the bud, and we need elected officials with the backbone to address these issues and fulfill their duty as lawmakers.

And if neither party will step up to the plate and support the protection of our borders, perhaps it is time for a third party that will. How appropriate that I started this article talking about cleaning toilets, because it is time to use them or get off.

(but they won’t be for long if they can never vote)

Can’t you just picture Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton as little orphan beggars, peering longingly into the warm house filled with people who used to think they were cute and entertaining. But alas, the shine is off their victim status and a new minority group has replaced them in the hearts and minds of the liberals who see only one thing when they touch the hand of the newly “oppressed” illegal immigrants. They see votes.

Yes, votes, lots and lots of votes from the new class of people who have not only broken the law, but can’t even read the law they have broken.

What is most interesting about the unseating of a permanent victim class created by the liberals is the heartless repetition of the act. One hundred and fifty years ago they viewed blacks as only good enough to work our fields, clean our houses, feed our horses (now it is drive our cars), etc., etc. Hillary gave a very complete list of what she expects the new victim class to accept as their role in their new American home which will gladly open the doors for such servitude . . .slavery by any other word . . . in exchange for votes.

That is how the Democrats see all Hispanics. Odd . . .that was how they saw all blacks not that many years ago. Then the light went on and they realized they could capture their affection by promising money that wasn’t theirs, jobs that didn’t exist and homes that were only a poor and cruel reflection of the true American dream. . . . in exchange for votes.

Oh, and let’s not forget our lily-livered Republicans who quiver in fear at the hint of the “R” word. They caved years ago because the Democrats told them to. They said they were racists and the Republicans dutifully accepted that mantel of insult because their spine was surgically removed decades ago by duplicitous bigots who craved power at any cost, leaving well-meaning Republicans pondering their fate over brie and champaign. “But we were the party that freed the slaves, fought for integration and against oppression. We were the party that gave our lives and fortunes to end slavery and overturn Democrat imposed Jim Crow laws. Why are they treating us like this? Oh my, please bring my smelling salts, I do feel faint.”

Heh Republican party . . . wake up and smell the aroma of power and conquest sprinkled with the old herb of socialism and communal group think. You really can’t be this stupid!!

Ok, it’s not about you . .. but you can be so consistently tiresome, so perpetually intimidated, and eternally clueless. Do you really think by playing the pandering game that you can out pander the pandering experts? When you have radio shows playing, back to back, Hillary yelling to staged crowds about her support for illegal immigrants’ right to work, and Hillary saying at another time, in a parallel political universe, “I am adamantly against illegal immigrants. People have to stop employing illegal immigrants,” you must bow in awe. That, my Republican friends is a masterful example of pandering that pits the queen of such against you pitiful wannabes.

But there is one thing that would take the whole immigration issue off the table and thankfully force Ted Kennedy to stop feeling compelled to speak spanish. Tell all the illegal immigrants they can stay … .give them amnesty, etc. etc. . . .but tell them that because they broke the law to get here, they can never vote . . . ever. They would get a sort of permanent residency status, but not full citizenship so they can continue to scrub Hillary’s toilets and work in Ted’s gardens, but they can’t vote for them.

Oh, that’s not fair you say? Well, tell that to America citizens sitting in jail who have broken the law who have lost the right to vote. G. Gordon Liddy can’t vote, but a Mexican who has broken the law, and can’t even speak english can? Just take voting off the table and we will not be forced to watch the embarrassing sloberfest hosted by both political parties. They will be forced to actually think about what is best for the country, not their own political careers. They will be free to be honest about protecting the borders and not worry that they are called bigots or racists.

And it would force consistent treatment of immigrant classes. Why is it that liberals are so anxious to turn illegals who come over the southern borders into citizens, yet they demand that all Cubans who come here by boat, be sent back to the darling of the left, Castro? It’s the votes. They know that Cubans traditionally support Republicans because Republicans have supported their struggle to gain freedom from real tyranny . . . not economic hardship.

And why is it that when the unemployment numbers go down, all the left can do is smirk and say, “yeah, but it is just the low paying jobs that are being filled,” while insisting that we need illegals to fill the low paying jobs that no one wants. They love the low paying jobs when it suits their self-serving agenda. Aren’t they cute?

But what does the new love affair between the Democrats and illegal immigrants mean for the black community that has loyally supported the party, blindly accepting every piece of legislation or nutty candidate they field? They truly will become a disenfranchised minority because the Democrats will make sure their new found friends will now get all the goodies, and be tapped as the newest victim class to perfectly compliment their pandering positions.

Blacks could join the Republican party and actually become politically relevant for the first time in decades, but they don’t feel the warm fuzzies from the party. Heh black America . . .get over it. The Republican party was founded to free the slaves and give equal rights to all freed slaves, while the Democrats opposed their freedom at every turn. Take ownership of the party . . .it is yours. Don’t wait to be invited in . . . knock on the door and introduce yourself as a descendant of the people who inspired the very founding of the party.

The Democrats have targeted and identified their new victim class as their cause celeb and they don’t need the black community to give them that one or two point edge any more. Unless, of course, courageous Republicans, step up and take the right to vote for illegal aliens, off the table and become the skunk at the panderfest. But that takes courage . .. something we are not seeing these days, from our elected officials.

Yeah, that’s how the left was spinning a very common hunting accident, known affectionately as, peppering. Ask any hunter about their experiences with birdshot gone astray and they will regale you, for hours, if you let them, about the most amazing and often, humorous stories of their hunting adventures.

If you ever attend an event where Senator Conrad Burns and Congressman Dick Schulze are standing together, they both invite you to feel the buckshot that is still rolling around in their hands. Dick was shot by Congressman Bob Livingston, and Burns was shot by a 17-year-old kid you received a kind note from him with some of the buckshot taped to it. The buckshot will work its way out of the skin after a while and you just pick it out. Dick says that Bob sent him a little metal detector and some tweezers as a joke and his friends tease him about setting off metal detectors at the airport.

OK, this is where I pause while liberals pitch a fit that we could be so cavalier about hunting accidents and how dangerous and deadly guns are, blah blah blah. Listen, when they pitch fits of outrage at radical Muslims who burn buildings, cut off heads and blowup innocent people, then I might take their concern for hunting accidents, a little more seriously.

It is also interesting that the Vice President didn’t ask anyone else to take the fall for him, unlike when John Kerry did take the fall for himself on a ski slope, but choose to blame a secret service agent, 50 feet away. Ok, falling on a ski slope is not like a hunting accident, but it does show the character of each man. And because there is no comparison, why would John Kerry care that people knew it was actually he who caused his own downfall . . . and not the secret service agent, and why was the press complicit in “covering it up” as though it really was something significant?

I sometimes think that liberals must possess the same genetic predisposition to inconsistently apply standards to similar cases, depending upon who is involved. For instance, Ted Kennedy waits until the next day to tell anyone that he has murdered a woman and nonchalantly nibbles on his eggs benedict while the fish are nibbling on her. Was there an outcry in the monolithic media that he was trying to cover up a murder? No, there was no need, since they successfully covered it up for him. But Vice President Cheney shoots his friend, Harry Whittington, in a hunting accident with a handful of be-bes and you would think that he is the reincarnation of Saddam Hussein. No, wait, liberals love him. Well, you get the picture.

One problem with liberals is that they were denied the privilege of owning guns as kids and missed out on the most American of all motherly warnings . . . “Be careful with that be-be gun, or you’ll shoot someone’s eye out.” Well, we were careful, and accidents did happen, but no one ever suggested that we be sent to some impeachment detention center. Growing up with guns, for the vast majority of Americans, was just a fact of life . .. for baby boomers at least.

But one of the most interesting things about the liberal media’s mass temper tantrum other than the fact that they didn’t get that great shot of Harry lying in a pool of blood with Cheney standing over him, gun in hand, is how out of touch with reality they are.

I was at an event the same night, only a couple of hours after the accident occurred, and everyone was talking about the shooting, and actually speculating on the field day the press would have when they learned about it. Now think about that statement and unravel where the source of the news must have come from. Earth to NY Times, CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, et al . . . you guys don’t control the news any more. You aren’t even a close second. The inmates are running the asylum now and it is your worst nightmare.

We have this new invention, thanks to Al Gore, called the Internet. And a slightly older invention, thanks to Alexander Graham Bell, called the telephone. No longer do families gather around the dining room table, tuning the dial to Edward R. Murrow, waiting breathlessly for his brand of the truth. No longer do the big three networks keep America waiting until the six o’clock hour to distill the “news” into the perfect blend that they want us to consume. News flash . . . we are all the news now. We can make it, break, it shake it or stake it . .. . just like you guys have done for years.

You rant and rave and pout and protest that they didn’t tell you first so that what . . . .you could put your spin on it and then recycle it back to us? There were dozens of people present or knowing of the accident within the firing of the fateful shot. The thought that I am sure did not cross their minds was, “oh my gosh, everyone, don’t move a muscle until I get the White House press corp in here.” And why weren’t they there? I don’t know . . . why weren’t they with Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky in the oval office? Because these events . . . according to liberals, are private and the public doesn’t have the right to know what happens in the private moments of an elected official’s life.

Another point, that the tantrum-throwing press is missing is that the accident on the Armstrong farm could have gone either way because Cheney wasn’t the only one walking around with a loaded gun, the way dictators do in oppressive regimes. There were others who had loaded guns, walking with him in the same sport, with the same opportunity to shoot him at any time. This is a perfect illustration of what true equality and freedom represents that people living in oppressive regimes could never understand.

We witnessed in Atlanta, at the funeral for Coretta Scott King, the trashing of a president . . . right in front of him, and did not see armed soldiers come in and arrest the “people of poor taste.” President Bush was a fellow mourner, with equal access to a microphone and the opportunity to trash the other side or to make political statements, but he chose to honor the memory of a great woman . . . not take pot shots at his enemies. VP Cheney was hunting side by side with fellow hunters . . . all carrying loaded guns and any of them, including Cheney, could have been shot, or even killed. That is the wonder of the nuances of freedom of expression, choice, and even adventure. You never know what is going to come out of someone’s mouth . . . or their gun. But it all seems to work out with a system based on absolutes, judicial restraint, equal access, free expression, and a wide variety of opportunities to live the way we choose, and to invite others to feel the pellets under the skin which represent these choices and consequences.