Nightly Sit Coms Portrayal of Women

The Renaissance Women observe that the feminists are silent about the stream of sexual innuendo that comes across the airwaves nightly. It serves to place women back into the roles of mindless chattel with no purpose other than to please and be pleased by a man.

This steady diet for national consumption can have no other effect than to dull the senses as to what is appropriate or inappropriate behavior in the work place.

The characters in all of these sit coms, that are set in an office environment, have the requisite sexual exploits or suggestions that make women look like mindless bimbos with nothing else on their minds but finding some man to sleep with.

If women are going to be protected from predators who have been watching too much prime time TV, and listening to too many feminists claim that women are the same as men, they are going to have to take responsibility not only for their actions, but for the situations they find themselves in.

If you are a woman who values respect and virtue, we invite you to join Renaissance Women. This is Nina May for the Renaissance Women.