Anheuser Busch Must Know Their Beer Is Not Fit For Real Men

It is interesting to see an Anheuser Busch ad blatantly trying to appeal to the homosexual community… by encouraging men to “just be themselves.”

It shows two men strolling hand in hand, muscles rippling just above their entwined fingers. It is hard to understand the business savvy to appeal to 1% of the population by alienating the other 99%. But look at the slogan, which I would imagine is an exhortation to everyone… to “just be themselves.”

That means the gang of guys sitting around the set watching Monday night football can make gagging sounds when the commercial comes on. Or they can decide if this is the “queer” beer, then it’s not for them. After all, they really should follow their heart and do what is best for them.

And it means that people who truly believe that the homosexual lifestyle is deceptive, and destroys lives, should be themselves, and express this openly in every forum.

So I applaud Anheuser Busch for having the courage to finally challenge men to just be themselves… be men for a change and defend heterosexuality as the preferred lifestyle… by 99% of the American public. This is Nina May for the Renaissance Women and men.