Banning Prayers and Bibles in School

It is interesting to see the number of Bible clubs popping up in schools across America. Many without incident, but most finding road blocks called separation of church and state.

These children are forced to dust off the constitution and highlight the part that says the Government allows free expression, even if its religious. These children have been forced to defend their constitutional rights against adults who think that reading the Bible and praying is particularly harmful to them. Its no coincidence that pre-marital sex has declined too.

This is not necessarily because of Bible classes. But both of these situations are a direct result of the natural state of man questioning authority. So as the adults have created an environment of free sex and accessible birth control, while banning moral teaching . . . they have created an interesting back lash.

Kids are now curious about this banned-book called the Bible, and think that being a virgin is far more rebellious than having pre-marital sex. There’s hope . . . this might be the generation that brings sanity back to America.