Choice is one of the fundamental words used by our founding fathers as they fought to throw off the bonds of tyranny. They wanted a choice in government… a choice of who their elected representatives were… and a choice on how their tax dollars would be spent.

Today, we have allowed the term Choice to be co-opted by a group of people who define it as a constitutional guarantee to abort an unborn child.

If someone asks you if you are pro-choice, you are forced to redefine the word by saying, for example, Yes, I am very pro-choice as the freedoms in our country allow me to choose such things as my profession, where I live, how I worship, and who I marry.

You are forced to pro-actively take the word back and preserve its true definition. But freedom takes constant vigilance, not just over our beliefs and freedoms, but even the words we use to define them.

The Renaissance Women invite you to exercise your right to choice by voting for someone who understands the real definition of that word. This is Nina May with the Renaissance Women.