Clinton In Judgement of Nixon

There is a verse in the Bible that says you will be judged by the same standard with which you judge others.

As people have discussed the issue of impeachment for President Clinton one young man has said in the past, “Yes, the president should resign. He has lied to the American people, time and time again, and betrayed their trust. He is no longer an effective leader. Since he has admitted guilt, there is no reason to put the American people through an impeachment. He will serve absolutely no purpose in finishing out his term; the only possible solution is for the President to save some dignity and resign.”

That young man . . . was William Jefferson Clinton in 1974, regarding the infamous Watergate Scandal and the impeachment of President Nixon.

Back then, it seems that he was more concerned about America than himself, and he seemed to have a sense of honor and integrity.

Maybe if that young Clinton looked at the current situation he would honestly assess his own presidency the same way. Perhaps that is the standard of judgement that should be applied today.