Daily Talk Shows

The country is divided into two classes of people. Those with class and those without.

Those who prefer to don the role of peeping Tom and view the pitiful lives of others, and those who do the best to serve and help others out of their pitiful states. Those who work their whole lives to preserve their dignity and those who destroy or desecrate all that has been sacred for centuries. This is evident on the daily talk shows that hold America spell bound as they parade a continual string of socially-challenged individuals across the stage, for all to laugh at.

It would be interesting if they did the same to the mentally or physically-challenged for the common amusement of a nation. That would be considered cruel and inhumane. Yet somehow it is acceptable to parade border-line sociopaths out to share their sordid and perverse life-styles to the total and complete amusement of those watching.

The Christians were fed to the lions for amusement 2000 years ago. Christians are laughing today as the lions devour the most vulnerable in our society. But it is our collective soul that is being destroyed.

This is Nina May for the Renaissance Women.