For many rebirth or renewal means a spiritual awakening. But for others it means a second chance not just in God’s eyes, but in the eyes of society.

When King David set his eyes upon Bathsheba, a whole set of consequences were placed in motion. Were they irreversible? Some of them were.

The death of Bathsheba’s husband and even the death of the first child she conceived with David…. But there was also redemption.

When David was confronted with the consequences of his actions he fell on his face before the Lord begging for forgiveness.

He knew he was unworthy to receive it, yet he knew God was merciful enough to give it. And a sign of his pure forgiveness, was unmistakable.

They gave birth to one of the wisest men ever to live . . . Solomon.

So for God . . . the past was forgotten, it was behind them, and forgiveness was made manifest in the birth of a very special child.

This shows that even the darkest of sins are forgivable, and there is redemption in all circumstances . . . if we seek God and accept His mercy for us.