In and Out of the Closet

Why is it that people coming out of the closet and admitting homosexual tendencies are lauded in that community as being heroes. They are paraded around as the new poster child for an ego-driven movement and praised for their honesty and sensitivity.

But heaven help that same person if they decide they either want to go back in the closet, or get rid of the closet all together. They are seen as victims of the vast right wing Christian propaganda machine, brain-washing their new protégé.

Could it not be that they decided they really were not gay? That they found the lifestyle to be oppressive and degrading? Aren’t they the same person who freely decided to try it?

Should this same philosophy be applied to everyone who tried cigarettes, alcohol, drugs or any other addictive behavior and discovered it was more harmful than they expected?

Instead of condemning them, they should be applauded for their courage in discovering who they are . . . not who a movement wants them to be. It kind of makes you wonder about a movement that is so desperate to find and keep its members.