We keep hearing that it is unchristian to be judgmental. This is the spin given by people who don’t really understand what Christianity is all about. But they are not to blame.

How is anyone going to learn about Christ when Christians don’t reflect His character?  Christ did judge the Pharisees and call them hypocrites. He overturned the tables in the temple because in His judgement it was being desecrated. He had standards that would not be compromised. But, He always showed compassion and love to those who received the judgment of the world.

The prostitute, the tax collector, the lepers, anyone who realized that judgement was due them . . . these were the ones He loved. It was only those who set themselves up as superior to others, that He showed contempt for. And they in turn crucified Him.

Are you willing to give your life for what is right even though the world condemns you as a radical? That is Christ’s challenge to each of us. This is Nina May for the Renaissance Women.