Promise Keepers

One year ago, over one million men gathered on the mall to pray for the nation, and seek forgiveness for their personal and collective sins. They humbled themselves before God, and the world. They knelt with their faces touching the ground, begging for a healing in the country, and in their own personal lives.

They were mocked and condemned by the mainstream press and liberal leaders. They were called judgmental and narrow-minded.

Now, just one year later we have leaders who refuse to acknowledge that they have caused any pain, to either their families or the nation, and the same media hail them as principled for not acknowledging the truth. We are told that character doesn’t count as long as the economy is good. In effect, we have sold our national character for 30 pieces of silver and watch as the nation is crucified on the cross of selfishness, and ego.

The Renaissance Women are reminded that in the end, they will call good evil, and evil good.