Queen Esther

Queen Esther was a renaissance women of her time. She believed in something greater than herself. She was willing to sacrifice herself for the lives of her countrymen . . . and she used her God-given talents of grace and virtue to accomplish this end.

One of the main reasons she was so successful in saving the lives of those condemned to death, was that her husband respected her. Her power lay in her relationship to her husband who had the power to destroy these lives with a stroke of a pen. Her power was his love for her. He would do anything to protect and honor her . . even by granting any wish.

Feminists today talk about women being powerful without the need or help of a men, yet they fail to realize that God put men and women on the earth to work together as partners.

Women have far more power than they realize if they allow God’s power not the world’s power, to manifest in them.

Esther’s husband, had the power to kill his first wife for her impudence. Esther’s love gave him even more power as thousands of lives were saved.