Question Authority

In the sixties it was chic to question authority, and challenge the establishment.

Now these same revolutionaries are the establishment.

They have entrenched themselves and their philosophies into every aspect of our culture and society.

They have created an establishment that reflects not only their irresponsibility but they have challenged every moral and religious principle that this country was founded on.

They have even tried to revise history to distort the significance of the Puritans and Pilgrims, being dedicated to the spreading of the Gospel, by creating a covenant with God in the founding of America.

Ironically, even the Pilgrims challenged authority and set up God’s word as the basis of law in America.

So perhaps it is the duty of every generation to challenge the establishment and question authority.

Unfortunately, we are finding today that those doing so, are called part of a vast right wing conspiracy.

But remember, those in power today were part of a vast left wing conspiracy in the 60’s and that didn’t stop them.

This is Nina May and the Renaissance Women challenging you to leadership.