Right to Privacy

Contrary to feminist’s protestations, a woman cannot do with her body as she pleases. There are many laws that prevent a woman from harming herself and others.

She can’t sell her body, take illegal drugs, or punch someone in the face with her fist. Even the laws that require a woman to wear a seat belt violate her right to privacy according to the feminist’s definition of privacy. It forces her to strap belts over her stomach and between her breasts.

But most people are willing to sacrifice their privacy for safety because it makes sense. That same common sense should tell a woman that to allow a stranger to invade the privacy of her womb by performing an abortion is unsafe . . . and always results in the death of her own flesh and blood.

Women need to stop being intimidated from engaging in the debate about abortion. They need to understand that of all laws, this one, on its face, violates the most sacred right to privacy.