Risky Business

Remember the scene in the movie Risky Business where Tom Cruise slides across the floor in his underwear singing, That Old Time Rock and Roll? He was in a party-mood because he was left in charge of the house while his parents were away.

In the movie, Tom Cruise starts getting into jam after jam as he turns control of the house over to people with an agenda to destroy, not preserve the house. He ends up having to buy back the family treasure with his ill-gotten gains. But unlike the movie, our national character, our historical integrity have been destroyed by the intruders in our national home. And no amount of money will erase the harmful image they have created.

Tom Cruise finally realized it was time to put his pants back on, turn off the music, and give the keys to the house back to the adults. He realized the party was over . . and that it was time to get down to preserving his heritage. At least he grew up.

This is Nina May inviting you to join the Renaissance Women.