Sex Education Produces More Kids

Thirty years ago, before sex education was required in public schools, and before legalized abortion, the out-of-wedlock birth rate for high school kids was less than 1%. Now it is soaring at over 30%.  What have they been teaching kids for the past three decades to warrant such an epidemic?

Well first of all, kids were taught that any and all sex was good, just do it safely, abstinence is old-fashioned, and that sexual experimentation is liberating. What they weren’t told was that their innocence was being stolen, their self-esteem destroyed, their values mocked and the consequences were life-altering.

With the push for sexual liberation, past societal restraints quickly disappeared. No longer was a girl ashamed to be pregnant. She was taught to either abort or give birth and be eligible for welfare. She was lied to by the system that had authority over her.

But kids today, who are trying to hold onto their virtue and innocence, with programs like “True Love Waits,” are ridiculed by these same adults who have been lying to them for years.

This is Nina May encouraging parents to take back that authority and teach your own kids the real facts of life.