Sometimes it Takes One Person to Change the Course of History

This article is marked for review due to fact checking.

During the second century, Christians were still being persecuted in Rome. The sport of feeding them to lions or having the Gladiators kill them like animals, was common.

A monk named Telemachus, happened upon one of these arenas and was appalled by what he saw.

He was a small man in stature and old in years, but his feebleness did not prohibit the passion of the Lord to rise up in him.

He went out into the middle of the arena, held up his hands in front of a Gladiator, who was about to kill an innocent man for sport, and said, “Forebear in the name of the Lord . . . forebear.”

For a moment there was stunned silence, and then the Caesar motioned for the warrior to kill the monk so the games could continue.

The Gladiator ran him through with his spear. Then slowly, without any prompting, the people started leaving the stadium, until no one was left.

And it was that day that the sport of killing Christians ended.

It took one person with courage to look at the face of death and not shrink from what was right.

It usually only takes one person to change the course of history . . . for good or evil.