Universities Today

What has happened to universities in America that were founded on Godly principles?

For example, we can see the Christian character and views in the foundation of Harvard, the oldest university in America. In bold relief, at the campus it says, A Christo et Ecclesle which means . . . the church was the colony.

This is a far cry from how Harvard and other institutions of higher learning, that were founded on Christian principles, see themselves today. Are universities even relevant today? Are they serving to educate or indoctrinate? Why is there a move to eradicate classic works of literature from their must read list only to be replaced by current politically correct works that ridicule morals and values? T

hese are questions that families should ask themselves before they exchange their life savings for a changed child. These are the questions that alumns must ask before funding alma maters, and it is the question employers must ask new graduates looking for a job. If we stop asking the questions, we will accept any answer we are given.

This is Nina May for the Renaissance Women. (Isn’t that what education is all about?)