Women of Virtue

The Golden Rule is not taught in the public schools because of its religious content.

The characteristics of love, compassion, humility, faith, and gentleness are not religious precepts. They are the characteristics that God has etched on each of our hearts. That truth, although taught by many religions, and called by many names, is the inherent and undeniable truth of God’s ultimate purpose in each person’s life.

As women, we can chose to embrace these qualities and rise from obscurity in the eyes of the world, to positions of great height in the eyes of God. Or we can wallow in self-pity, condemnation and intolerance.

The women of the world are at a crossroads and can chose to be numbered in the camp of victim, or they can turn their hurt, pain and anger into life and love.

The Renaissance Women want to inspire women to nurture, support, and encourage other women to seek their better angels within themselves and appeal to that side of man which responds best to love.