Angry Feminist

An angry feminist told me once that I was a feminist whether I admitted it or not. She said I would not be where I am today had she not made it easier for me.

On her list of other ungrateful women were Sandra Day O’Connor, Jeane Kirkpatrick, Elizabeth Dole, and Margaret Thatcher. I was honored to be among such ungrateful women.

But what were we supposed to be grateful for? If her battles had been selflessly fought to liberate women then she would be celebrating the successes of these Renaissance Women instead of calling them ungrateful.

I think of the old soldier sitting quietly in the park, paralyzed from the waist down during battle in World War II. He watches with pride as the children play freely without having to understand the horror of war that secured for them that safe harbor. They are his reward, not a painful reminder that his life was made more difficult so these children would have it easier. He doesn’t make them feel guilty. He smiles knowing his sacrifice was worth their peace and freedom. This man was the true liberator, not the feminist demanding glory.