Day After Thanksgiving Day

This is traditionally the first shopping day of the holiday season. But what holiday? What used to be called Christmas is now referred to as the Winter Holiday. So why are we celebrating Winter and giving gifts?

The great irony is that to demean Christmas too much would kill the shopping spirit and the economy would suffer. So, whether the merchants like to admit it or not, they rely on Christians shopping today to celebrate the birth of their savior, Jesus Christ. And because Christ brought the free gift of salvation to all who would believe, we give gifts to one another.

So as you are shopping today and hear the piped music playing nothing by Frosty the Snowman, Rudolph the Rednosed Reindeer, and other “Winter Holiday” specials, the merchants are probably telling you that you are in the wrong place, shopping for the wrong holiday.

If Christians dont keep Christ in Christmas, and remember its true meaning, one day we will be wasting time shopping for gifts no one needs, spending money we dont have, and asking ourselves . . .Now, why are we doing this again?

This is Nina May and the Renaissance Women encouraging you to remember why you are shopping today.