Demonstrating Your Faith

Recently a group of visitors to the U.S. Capitol were told by a Capitol policeman that they could not stand and pray quietly while in the building. He told them that praying was a form of demonstration and it was not allowed.

Let’s forget for a moment that their first amendment rights to free speech, assembly and religious expression were being denied and look at the reality of that statement. Praying is considered demonstrating.

In a way, they are right. The visitors were demonstrating their faith in God, their belief in something greater than themselves and they were demonstrating their humility. They were demonstrating that they have the courage todemonstrate for the world that God is the ultimate power in their lives.

It is ironic that in the structure that was founded on Godly principles and Biblical teachings, that visitors can’t even thank God for their freedoms without those freedoms being denied.

Maybe it is time for the Body of Christ to start demonstrating to the world that prayer is a radical idea that really works.

This is Nina May praying for God’s blessings in your life.