Homosexuality is Sexist

We have heard all the arguments concerning homosexuality and special rights from a moral and legal perspective. But there is one crucial angle that everyone seems to have overlooked.

Homosexuality is a sexist, misogynist, chauvinistic movement that declares women irrelevant, unnecessary and less than equal. All the gains the women’s movement made to have the law recognize men and women equally is being overturned.

It’s actually quite clever. They are claiming they need special rights and privileges based on a behavior that no one can prove that they participate in.

So basically, some heterosexual guy who isn’t getting the loan or the job, or the promotion he wants can just claim to be gay and not only does he beat out the straight man but the straight woman as well. It’s the good ol boys network of the new millennium and judging by their numbers… 1.5% of the population… they have proven they have political power and clout… while 51% of the population is told they are not deserving of the same rights as these men.

This is Nina May for the Renaissance Women who support equal rights, not special ones.