Homosexuality . . . Normal or Not?

Either homosexuality is normal behavior or it’s not. Those whose agenda is to teach it in the public schools as a legitimate lifestyle also try and keep another foot in the victim camp.

You can’t say it is normal, acceptable, and equal to heterosexual behavior while claiming that any homosexual who is assaulted was assaulted because they are homosexual. Either assault is illegal or it isn’t. It can’t be more illegal because of a lifestyle, especially if we are all told constantly that that lifestyle is normal.

If the homosexuals want special privileges and special laws to protect them, it must mean they know they are different from the rest of society. They have created a class unto themselves while expecting the rest of society to identify them as normal. If the special class is protected, then it is only logical that that special class be allowed to be identified as different or abnormal from the rest of society.

You can’t have it both ways. And if they continue to want special rights as victims, does that mean their victims have no rights at all? Either justice is blind, or she isn’t.