Internet Underground (Veterans Day)

During World War II it seemed as though the whole world was drawn into the global conflict.

In America we had fuel rationing, victory gardens, and black outs. In Europe, many average citizens became freedom fighters in the underground communications structure.

In most cases, it was this avant garde force that made the difference in strategic battles by getting necessary information to the allies. They saw that the normal forms of communication and mass media had broken down or had been compromised… they knew this was the only way to get the facts to the troops in the field.

There seems to be the same sense of urgency in the world today as new web sites spring up daily, offering alternatives to the mainstream press. These are people who refuse to be voiceless, and disenfranchised. They are not the radicals they are painted to be, they are just average people who see their freedoms eroded and their values ridiculed.

But like the underground 50 years ago they realized there are two choices. Accept fascism and communism, or fight it.

This is Nina May and the Renaissance Women thanking all veterans for their sacrifice for freedom.