Political Gridlock

Many people look at political gridlock as a bad thing. They are actually upset that congress is not up there passing more laws and working together like one big happy family.

But tell me, why do we need more laws? We barely understand a fraction of the laws we are bound to as it is. The fact that we have two major political parties that are different ideologically is actually quite healthy.

If you know that one party believes in big government, higher taxes and larger beauracracy, then you search out candidates in that party and vote for them. Or, if you believe that more power should vest in the individual, that taxes should be much lower and the government is already too big, then you should support the party and candidates that feel that way.

We all ensure gridlock every time we go to the polls and we should hope and pray that it is always a problem.

Because when it ceases to be, then you no longer have a democratic republic, you have tyranny. Don’t be fooled by cheap rhetoric.

Democracy ensures gridlock, and gridlock protects the republic.