Revisionist History

Historical revisionists will say that the early explorers forced Christianity on the defenseless natives who lived in peace and tranquility.

When Cortez set foot in Mexico, His troops were met with one horrendous site after another. Human hearts had been cut out of living prisoners, temple walls were covered with human blood. Piles of gnawed human bones were in the streets and in the homes. Pagan priests, matted with the dried human blood were practicing sodomy. Warriors were roasting and eating the body parts of those they slaughtered.

So when the Spanish troops arrived, they were viewed as liberators from this living hell. The natives embraced the teachings of Christ which were about forgiveness, love and mercy, and they were saved by the thousands.

Not all Christians were, or are perfect. There haven’t always been perfect representatives of Christ. But ask yourself, would you rather have your local priest be a little less perfect than Christ, but still trying, or would you rather have him plucking your heart out and tossing it down the temple steps? And aren’t you glad you have the freedom to choose?