If God Chastens Those He Loves… He Must REALLY Love Clinton

The bottom line in the entire impeachment proceedings of President Clinton was that if he had only put chains upon his sexual appetite, we would have avoided the entire episode.

The article mentioning Paula Jones and Clinton, would never have been written, there would have been no civil suit in which to lie under oath.

And there would be no mention of a Monica Lewinsky and Cathleen Wiley and all the other women who claimed he made improper sexual advances toward them.

If he had only remembered his vows to his wife, and his obligations to his family . . . there would have been no hearings.

If he had practiced the teachings in the Bible he prominently carries to church, he would not have broken the 7th and 9th Commandments.

So his lesson is our lesson. If we behave irresponsibly, disobeying both God and the laws of man, there will be consequences. We should all be humbled by the phrase, “we reap what we sow.”

But also, If God chastens those he loves He must really love Bill Clinton. In the larger scheme of things, that’s what really matters most anyway.