Impeachment Not About Sex . . . Directly

During the impeachment process, the American people were reminded that the issue was not about sex. It was about breaking the law and being held accountable. But unfortunately it was about sex also.

The degradation of women has been on a steady incline since the feminists claimed the sexual revolution was for them too. This did not liberate women. It placed them in a state of bondage to the sexual whims of any man. Add the lure of power, to the willingness of many women to allow themselves to be degraded, and you have a recipe for a national scandal.

In the years that Clinton was experiencing this sexual liberation, there was no discussion that this was wrong behavior. Even prime-time T.V. promoted it. We as a nation were forced to hear about his indiscretions and learn that they are normal, accepted, and no one’s business.

The bottom line is that the nation would not have been forced to suffer through these hearings if we all, including Clinton, had had the courage to reject the bondage of the sexual revolution years ago.