Legislating Morality

When someone who identifies himself as a liberal wants to protest a moral absolute of someone who calls himself a conservative you will hear, “You can’t legislate morality.”

That is patently untrue as we see morality legislated every day. Society has determined assault, murder, rape, robbery, incest, cannibalism, and even tax evasion to be morally wrong.  Clear, unmistakable laws were passed to say if you do any of these things you will not pass go, you will not collect $200, you will go to jail.

If society did not legislate morality it would cease to exist . . . it would revert to anarchy where no absolute exists and all are free to make their own morality as they go.

When we forget that the foundation of our law is based on the laws of God, then we have broken our covenant with Him. You can take the Bible and prayer out of schools, you can ridicule the beliefs of Christians, but the bottom line is, all of our laws stem from the moral absolutes authored, in the Bible by God .

This is Nina May and the Renaissance Women reminding you that four little words don’t begin to change that fact.