Parallel of Clinton with Iraq

When Iraq was bombed, the day before the impeachment vote was to be taken, and it ended the day the impeachment was announced, it was hard not to be cynical about the timing.

But what was so interesting was listening to the reasons President Clinton gave for the bombing.

He said, Iraq has used a systematic pattern of destruction and delay.

Gee like revealing the personal lives of republicans, and trying to push for censure instead of impeachment?

He also said, “We can’t allow Iraq to brazenly break it’s promises.”

Sort of like lying under oath? There was not unanimous international support for the bombing of Iraq, but polls were irrelevant in the decision. Yet our constitutional process was supposed to be held hostage by the polls.

here was a narrow interpretation of Iraq’s wrongdoings, while Clinton supporters wanted his illegalities to be interpreted broadly. And both Saddam and Clinton thumbed their noses at the law.

So what’s interesting, is not so much the suspicious timing of the bombing and the impeachment, but the incredible similarities in the two situations.