Prince of Egypt

In the newly released Prince of Egypt, there are many lessons, but one that seems timely.

One insignificant person, who would have lived his life in obscurity, if not early death, was chosen to lead a people out of captivity.

He brought a dynasty to its knees and totally humbled the Pharaoh who had set himself above the people, above the law and above the power of God.

Five years ago, no one had heard of Paula Jones. She was ridiculed and condemned for daring to challenge a U.S. President with the truth.

Her accusations and subsequent trial, which was even denied her at one point, have laid bare the soft legal underbelly of a republic. The truth has set her free and dealt a serious wound to the president.

What the rest of Americans do with it will be their choice. They can throw off the bondage of lies, double speak and corruption, and embrace absolutes. Or they can question the sovereignty of God . . . and continue to give allegiance to hubris and arrogance.

God used Moses to open the door, but the people had the choice of leaving or staying in bondage.