Rotten Products Pollute Body and Mind

If you were served a piece of rotten meat or spoiled fish in a restaurant you would probably complain and ask for something else. Or if you bought a carton of soured milk from the store, you wouldn’t serve it to your kids anyway, you would let the store know that their product is not acceptable for human consumption.

So why aren’t we that picky about what comes over the airwaves into our homes? Why do most people sit blankly in front of the T.V. set listening to one inane show after another?

What about the families that do monitor what they watch and carefully select the handful of appropriate shows for their child?

They are still assaulted by the very suggestive and degrading commercials that foretell of absurdities to come. You are forced to sit as a T.V. monitor with remote control in hand to keep the spoiled food from reaching your child’s spiritual digestive system. People who argue that its the parents responsibility for what their kids see on T.V., and not the sponsors are right.

Thats why more people are turning off the sets altogether and buying products that aren’t rotten. This is Nina May.