The Miracle of Christmas

What is it about the Christmas season that seems to make people a little cheerier? It can’t be the long lines in the mall, or the crowded parking lots.

Many say it is the look of delight on the face of a young child as they behold their first Christmas tree. Or maybe it is just being able to get off work for a few extra days.

But whatever it is, there is something that we tend to overlook. This is the day the world celebrates the birth of the Son of God.

You can be sure that the same angels that heralded His birth 2,000 years ago, don’t miss the opportunity to party . . . in their own angelic way.

The Bible says we fight not against flesh and blood but against principalities of darkness, thus the need for the Ephesians 6:10 set of armor.

That means all believers are in that daily battle . . . but our spirits are also lifted when the heavenly host celebrates.

The season might be the reason we feel so happy at Christmas, but with so much angelic activity around us, some of that joy and peace is bound to rub off on us.

This is Nina May reminding you that Christ is the reason for the season.