There’s Something About That Name

What is it about the name Jesus that get’s everyone so exorcized?

People are told that can’t say it at work, kids can’t type it on their computers at school or even wear T-shirts with it on them.

Landlord’s can’t advertise for tenants by saying simply, If you love Jesus too, we’d love to have you as a renter.

Of course they could say, If you love cats, or horses, or trees, then it wouldn’t be a problem.

So what is it about that name that just seems to get everyone so upset?

It can’t be that it is religious because other people can mention Mohamed and Buddha and Mary Baker Eddy and L. Ron Hubbard, and well, just about any other name associated with religion . . . just not the name of Jesus.

Could it be that maybe that name really has power like the Bible says? And maybe the people that keep Jesus’ name out of public discourse know just how powerful it really is.

They must know something they don’t want everyone else to know . . . that there is something about that name . . .

This is Nina May and the Renaissance Women reminding you that Jesus loves you, and that is the difference.