Where Do Liberals Draw a Line?

Is there anything that self-proclaimed liberals consider morally repugnant?

Where do they draw the line on what is right and wrong?

We see them spend so much time fighting for the rights of pornographers, drug addicts, same-sex marriage, abortion clinics, sex education in elementary school . . . and, well, the list is endless.

But as radical as they are in supporting the rights of every single special interest group, they just can’t seem to muster that same open-mindedness for Christians.

Take for example the town in Arizona that wants to have a Bible Week declared. You would have thought they were handing out pornographic videos to first-graders.

Ironically, liberals would think that is perfectly normal.

Every movement has an agenda, or purpose. But when one pretends to support free speech of any kind, while forbidding a segment of society to express their’s the agenda becomes transparent.

I wonder how they would handle a gay-pride day with mass repentance while invoking the name of Jesus in the town square? Don’t you just love dilemmas?