You Will Know Them By the Company They Keep

Hustler Publisher, Larry Flynt has made it quite clear on national T.V. that he intends to do everything he can to expose the private lives of republicans because he wants to help the President.

This is the same man who degrades, demeans, debases and destroys women. His magazine celebrates the darkest side of man and plays on their weaknesses, perversions and sicknesses. Women are sex objects and fungible.

He told his daughter, Tonya Flynt Vega, the man who controls a woman’s private parts (he used the slang), controls the world. He also said if he couldn’t control it, he didn’t want to have anything to do with it.

So the moral leadership of our country has been turned over to Larry Flynt. By not denouncing him, and refusing to be affiliated with him, the Democrats are saying he is running the show now, and is setting the new moral standards for their party. So all their words denouncing partisanship and the politics of personal destruction are just that . . . words.

This is Nina May encouraging women to take back the moral “high ground” from Hustler Magazine.