Airlines are More Sensitive than the Studios to Values

Have you ever seen a movie on an airplane and thought it wasn’t as bad as everyone said it would be? There was no gratuitous sex or foul language to spoil an otherwise entertaining plot.

But when you compare notes with people who have seen it, they begin to question your standards in judging a movie. Because they saw the uncut version. The one where gee whiz or doggone it weren’t really the expletives that were used in the original version.

So what gives? If the movie still works without all the garbage, just what audience is the studio trying to please by adding language that most people find irrelevant and intellectually insulting?

They must think a higher, more intelligent class of people fly so they clean up their act for them while they have a different set of standards for those on the ground. Or perhaps it’s the airlines we should thank for keeping their standards high and recognizing that people are smart enough to enjoy a good movie without being assaulted with words and scenes that add nothing to it.