Daily Polls and Political Spin II

Remember the story of the Emperor’s new clothes? A couple of con artists convinced the Emperor to let them make an outfit that only truly intelligent people could see.

Not wanting to appear average, everyone pretended to see the clothes, but they knew he was just standing there in his underwear.

The pollsters in America have become like the two con artists, giving poll results that no one really believes, but that no one has the courage to challenge.

Who was going to challenge the Emperor and tell him he really didn’t have clothes on? It took a young boy who had nothing to lose or gain by pointing out the truth. And when the truth was articulated, it liberated the people to be truthful as well.

So, we can either be conned by polls, or we can challenge them, as this small boy did.

I invited everyone last week to call us and tell us if they have ever been polled, and I would give you the results today.

Well, 99% of the people who called said they had never been polled. So what does that tell us about the accuracy of polls? It depends on what truth you want to see.