Daily Polls and Political Spin

Poll results have become the definitive word on every issue. If more than 51% of the people polled, agree on a specific issue, by default, it silences the other 49% and makes their opinion irrelevant.

This mentality marginalizes the vast majority of Americans because only a very small number are ever polled on any issue at a time. And these polls are conducted by news organizations who spend an entire day working over-time to spin a story in the exact direction they want the rest of us to believe it is going.

The poll just provides added justification for the spin. But do we ever see the questions asked in a poll?

For example, If you were asked whether you would vote for a man who has lied, and was recently impeached by the U.S. Congress, or a convicted serial killer, you would probably choose the liar.

So unless you find out what questions were asked in the polls… you should ignore the results. The poll that should be taken is one to find out how many people have ever been polled.