Educational Principles in Politics

In the mid-60’s and early 70’s there was a move in the educational system to do away with absolutes, like right and wrong because they were considered too restrictive. There was a belief that the old fashioned moral values taught in schools were too reflective of the values in the Bible. These absolutes were replaced with concepts such as situational ethics and values clarification.

Basically, you were taught to apply your own set of values to each situation and it was free-floating and nebulous. These flawed teachings are now reflected in the drama being played out on the national scene relating to Bill Clinton and the impeachment process.

The people raised at the knee of ambiguous, trendy values find nothing unusual about someone saying,” it depends on what is is”, because the situation determines what set of ethics you apply to it. And values are inconsistent, for example if in your mind, you didn’t have sexual relations then that is the value that is applied at that time, for that moment.

Remember, the values taught in the class room in one generation will be the values reflected by the political leaders of the next. We truly are reaping what we have sown as a nation. This is Nina May.