Home Schoolers Setting the Curve

Home schoolers used to be considered out of touch with reality, but actually, they have preserved reality for society and their children. They have shifted the paradigm from being the social outcasts, to setting a new curve on standards, creativity, confidence and integrity.

Colleges are anxious to get applications from home schoolers and employers are delighted to see it in the child’s resume. Because it speaks volumes as to who that person is, what their work ethics are, and what type of educational foundation they have.

But still one of the biggest complaints you hear against homeschooling is, how will the child be socialized?

The proof is in the generation that has come through it. They actually are better leaders, relate better with adults, are self-motivated and creative.

Children in public school on the other hand are clinging to virtue, refusing drugs, avoiding gangs, and just trying to survive. The choice is pretty easy for most parents who have the option available to them: Be socialized by a community of sacrificial moms and disciplined kids or by the local bully. Ask your kids what they would prefer.

This is Nina May for the Renaissance Women.