My Misdemeanor vs. Clinton’s

In September 1983, I was shocked when the Soviet Union shot down Korean Airline flight 007, murdering 269 innocent people.

I was even more shocked however at the deafening silence from the liberals who had screamed so vociferously against military aggression.

And certainly against any type of strong military defense by the U.S…

Remember the quaint days of Mutually Assured Destruction?

There was no outcry, no condemnation, no rallies, no marches. So I decided to organize one.

Within a couple of hours we got over 300 people to protest in front of the Soviet Embassy in DC. One little problem. We didn’t know it was illegal to express our outrage in front of a foreign embassy.

I was subsequently arrested and charged with a misdemeanor and put in jail. I had a choice of paying a fine or facing a trial. I admitted my guilt, paid my fine and was released.

But according to the constitution, if I had been president, I could have been impeached for the misdemeanor of protesting the murder of innocent people. Should lying under oath be considered any less of an offense?