O.J. Simpson and President Clinton . . .

When O.J. Simpson was accused of killing his wife and Ronald Goldman the nation was shocked.

This was the same superstar football player, turned actor, we would see running happily through airports, to get to his Hertz rental car.

The nation was polled daily and the trial was televised to give us moment by moment opportunities to change our minds about his guilt or innocence.

The publicity of the trial was so great it was doubtful they could get an impartial jury.

His case became symbolic of greater divisions within the country and everyone knew, before the final verdict, that he would be acquitted.

But he then faced a civil trial which was completely different and there was no doubt that he had committed the crimes.

So if the Senators who will be the jury for the impeachment trial of Bill Clinton, cave into polls and partisanship, Clinton will be acquitted, as was O.J. Simpson.

But will they still be as vocal in their support for him after he is out of office, facing a civil trial, and perjury is proven to a truly impartial jury? The facts will always trump a stacked jury, when given a fair hearing.