Profanity in Schools

The Southport High school in Indianapolis has discovered that there is a direct correlation between profanity and violence.

So NOW they are forbidding the use of profanity.

According to psychologist Timothy Jay, educators are usually distracted by more serious problems such as drugs, teen pregnancy and gangs. He says, Many are glad when students don’t shoot or rape each other. It sounds as though the inmates are controlling the asylum.

Most parents probably think that profanity has always been banned from school. They are certainly under the impression that their children are not going to get shot or raped when they send them off to school. So what exactly is happening in public schools?

If banning profanity from school is newsworthy, as though it is a new revelation, that profanity is bad . . . then, who has been teaching our kids for the past generation?

The answer is not to throw more money at the education system, but it is to establish absolutes, discipline and mutual respect, and to hire adults with the courage to implement it. This is Nina May for the Renaissance Women.