Same Rules for Liquor and Cigarette Advertising Should be Used With Guns in Movies

Years ago, it was determined that if advertising was not allowed on T.V. for liquor and cigarettes, then it would dissuade people from consuming these products. No one really knows if it worked, but it made the social engineers sleep better at night.

Perhaps we should apply the same theory to props in movies. The law that should be passed, if you are dying to pass one, is that movie and T.V. producers cannot show any person in a show with a gun that they could not legally have in real life.  And that they can never show that person doing anything illegal with that gun, like murdering someone.

They can show skeet shooting contests, target practice, Olympic tryouts, hunting expeditions, but only images that are a reflection of the law.

Now, they could show the FBI breaking down the door of a suspected drug dealer, even if its the wrong door.  Or the BATF torching a religious compound and killing innocent citizens. But don’t show anything that is illegal. I think this would be a good law to pass. And it would really reflect the truth about guns much more than movies currently do.

This is Nina May wondering what you think about this idea.