Senator Harkin and His Support of the Despot

Let’s take the current situation of the trial of Bill Clinton, move it back 50 years, place it in Nazi Germany and change his name to Adolph Hitler.

No, I am not suggesting that Bill Clinton is Anti-Semitic… I am trying to point out that if you had a majority of his loyal brown shirts in a voting body that could keep him from being convicted of the most heinous of crimes… it would have happened.

The Senators who blindly support Clinton with total disregard for the facts, the law, the circumstances and their legal obligation are thumbing their noses at the American people while using them as their scape goat.

“The American people want us to get back to the business at hand.”

Yes we do, and the trial of Bill Clinton is the business at hand. Don’t hide behind a collective to avoid your responsibility! And your responsibility is to look at the facts of a case… look at the law… and ask yourself… did he break the law.

If the people who supported Adolph Hitler had looked at their conscience and done what was right, there probably would have been millions of spared lives.