We Have a Choice to Run our Own Lives or Let the Government Do It

There are too many people who believe that Government knows best.

We have exchanged common sense for complacency. Remember years ago when we were told that Fluoride prevents cavities? It was placed in toothpastes and nearly two thirds of public water supplies are fluoridated.  But did you know it is an extremely toxic compound that originally was sold as a bug and rat poison?

Dr. Robert Carton, a former scientists at the EPA says, “Fluoride is somewhat less toxic than arsenic and more toxic than lead, and you wouldn’t have either in your mouth.”  Dr. William Marcus, former chief toxicologist with the EPA lost his job after he insisted on an unbiased evaluation of fluoride’s potential to cause cancer.  Yet the Clinton Administration and the NIH are pushing for 100 percent water fluoridation in America . . . even though scientific research suggests that long-term fluoride consumption may cause cancer, impaired brain function, and brittle bones.

As a free people, we have a responsibility to keep our government in check . . . .and not relinquish rights to something as basic as good health.

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