What Would Jesus Do?

The other day I asked my young son to pick up his toys.

Later he came and confessed to me that he was going to tell me he did when he really didn’t.

He said he looked down at a little wrist band he wears that says WWJD? And asked himself . . . “What Would Jesus Do?”

It touched this mom’s heart that he would have the courage to tell me the process of deceit he was contemplating, but it touched me even more to know that he really understood who the person of Jesus Christ was.  That Jesus is one of the role models he uses to determine right from wrong.

It doesn’t say, WWCD? What Would a Christian Do? Because Christians are fallible like everyone else . . . some just pretend to be perfect.

No, he chose the most perfect role model for character, leadership and excellence that the world has ever seen . . . Jesus Christ.

It makes you wonder, why we are taking such a good role model for behavior out of public schools, just when kids are dying for someone to believe in.

My son picked up his toys, but who will pick up the mess left by humanism, socialism and atheism?

Maybe children wearing little bracelets will lead the way.