Who Are All The American People

The supporters of Bill Clinton keep referring to “All the American People” as though every single one of the 260 million signed some huge document in unanimous support of Bill Clinton.

The truth is, approximately 96 million people voted, and only 47 million of them gave Bill Clinton a victory. So to be accurate, we should start saying 20% of the American people want this and 20% of the American people want that.

We have all discovered that the big 70% they keep referring to is from a small pool of the same 1500 people who have proven themselves loyal to the pollsters. They can be counted on for the same response to every single question. That is why if you ask them if they have ever been polled they will say “yes hundreds of times.” But if you ask the rest of the populus, they will say they have never been polled.

So I encourage you to take your vote back. Let these self-proclaimed spokesmen know that they don’t speak for you. If you don’t, they will continue to misrepresent you and disregard you.

This is Nina May encouraging the 80% that didn’t vote for Clinton, to let your voice be counted.